News Reaction To Charles Barkley Decision In The Sports World

After an early-year public flirtation with LIV Golf, Charles Barkley has resigned with WarnerMedia.

In a recent interview, Kathleen Finch, the chief content officer of WarnerBrothers Discovery's U.S. networks, stated that Sir Charles will be used in addition to Barkley's coverage of the NBA on TNT.

According to Finch, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, "It was very great to sit down with him and celebrate his new deal, 

because he is such a fabulous component of that team and he is just such a really special man." "I'm eager to find more topics for him to discuss on television outside basketball. 

He has a lot to say, that's why. He's just an ordinary man with a wide range of interests. He was enthused by Celebrity IOU thanks to me."

Despite the fact that Barkley still had three years left on his current contract, WarnerMedia gave him first priority when considering contract extensions.

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