NFL fans respond to the breaking Rob Gronkowski news

Rob Gronkowski, a legendary tight end, announced his retirement from the NFL after the 2021–2022 season,

but that hasn't prevented a lot of rumors that the former superstar may be considering a comeback

His most recent professional move, though, could have put an end to all of that discussion.

Fox announced on Saturday night that Gronkowski would be a part of the network's Fox NFL Kickoff and Fox NFL Sunday programming throughout the season as part of its NFL coverage.

Thank you for returning to the team, @RobGronkowski! Throughout the season on FOX NFL KICKOFF and FOX NFL SUNDAY, Gronk will be kicking it alongside the team, Fox tweeted.

Gronk himself had a little fun with the significant career update, tweeting both the announcement and some light-hearted fan taunting in the wake of all the rumors about his probable comeback.

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