NFL World Astounded By Cowboys' Sunday Performance

The return of Dak Prescott to the field has not gone as expected.In their match against the Lions on Sunday, the Cowboys are behind 6-3 at the break. 

Dallas' offense has appeared, at best, lackluster with Prescott at the helm. The Cowboys have also made some regrettable errors, including a turnover inside the 10-yard line for Detroit.

Sunday afternoon's halftime score "shocked" CBS commentator Tony Romo.At halftime, the audience was jeering.

The Cowboys will have to significantly improve in the second half.Fans also don't place the responsibility for the jeers.

One fan commented, "As they should, you put up 3 points against a 1-4 team who's defense is literally the worst in the game."

One supporter continued, "As they should. These guys are allowing 170 rushing yards each contest and we keep passing into triple coverage. Gameplan has been poor.

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