NFL World Reacts To Cam Newton News That Is Impressive

Even though Cam Newton, a former NFL MVP, is no longer in the league, the players still hold him in high regard.

I hope they don't let him depart, one fan remarked in response to an interview with Jakobi in which he discussed Cam.

"Amazingly that season he had a poor start... strange considering who they had aside Edelman," the fan wrote.Another supporter commented, "Cam is a good dude."

Another supporter commented, "Na, I remember that season too, and the early games I always questioned why Jakobi wasn't playing after a good rookie year.

Another fan questioned, "I frequently wonder how many potentially good young receivers Tom gave up on. I remember how Cam talked about Jakobi. 

His rookie season, he botched a route or didn't run it properly, and Tom stopped throwing to him. Destroyed his confidence, I guess. Cam helped build him back up.

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