NFL World Reacts To Ryan Fitzpatrick News That Is Worrying

Ryan Fitzpatrick, a former NFL quarterback, isn't scared to speak the truth about how the league is doing right now. During a conference call with Amazon this week, he made that crystal apparent.

Fitzpatrick described the necessity for his own quarterback coach on the squad last year as a "red flag" when discussing the troubles of Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. 

He thinks that throughout his first season, New York was "coddling" the BYU product.Wilson "still has to learn how to play quarterback," continued Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick may think this is a harsh evaluation, but Jets supporters don't blame him for thinking so.

One supporter tweeted, "Warner, Orlovsky, Fitz, anyone with eyes...the tides are changing."Another supporter commented, "I'd take Fitz right now in 2 seconds."Another admirer chimed in, "Spot on."

Last Sunday against the Patriots, Wilson struggled and threw three expensive interceptions.

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