NFL World Reacts to the "Miserable" News About Tom Brady

Tom Brady stayed for an excessively long time?Some people are beginning to think that the 45-year-old quarterback made a mistake by returning for the 2022 season 

because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are off to a 3-3 start and there are suspicions concerning his marriage.

Brady is "miserable," according to the Boston Globe, Brady's former newspaper, on Wednesday.

According to The Globe, "a sad Tom Brady looks as if he stayed around a year too long."

Are they accurate?Brady hasn't performed horribly, but he's fallen well short of his elite level. Even the Buccaneers don't appear to be Super Bowl contenders.

"This was always going to be the outcome? Every great warrior rides out on a shield. It's one of the subtly heartbreaking and valiant aspects of the NFL. 

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