NFL World Reacts To The Unhappy News About Dak Prescott

This weekend's game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles is a pivotal one. On Sunday, though, Dak Prescott is not anticipated to return.

Cooper Rush will start for the Cowboys, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. Although Prescott is getting better every day, he has not yet received a medical clearance.

Prescott, according to McCarthy, is a little bummed that he won't start Sunday's game against the Eagles.

McCarthy remarked, "I know Dak didn't want to hear it. "You must ascertain that he is suitable for the long term as well. 

 Not that I'm suggesting we play it safe, because it simply doesn't fit with how he goes about getting ready to play."

Prescott's desire to return to the field as quickly as possible is welcomed by the crowd. They do not want the Cowboys to hurry his return, though.

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