NFL World Responds To Gisele Bundchen News of Change

Bundchen apparently made some changes to her life while the supermodel and quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady reportedly dealt with divorce lawyers.

According to reports, Bundchen has been living separately and has taken off her wedding band. She apparently changed one of her old tattoos recently.

According to Page Six, "Gisele B√ľndchen changes her tattoo amid Tom Brady divorce rumors."

Changes are very typical for anyone going through a divorce. Maybe that applies to the seasoned supermodel.NFL supporters have voiced their opinions on social media.

Another fan commented, "If she can't wait for HiM to play his final season, then HE will be home all the time and you WONT LIKE THAT.

It is and was he loved the game LONG BEFORE HER so it was well worth it. He has been saying 45 since college as a joke and as it became more capable of reaching he did.

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