NFL world responds to the cause of Myles Garrett's accident

The news that Myles Garrett, a great defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, had been injured in a single-vehicle collision that took him to the hospital 

and totaled his car after it was flipped many times rocked the NFL world on Monday afternoon. We discovered what caused the bizarre mishap on Tuesday morning.

Garrett's mishap occurred as a consequence of the NFL player swerving to avoid an animal on a wet road, said league insider Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

According to a source, Myles Garrett was released from the hospital Monday night. There will be more exams. The good news is that Garrett's wounds are not potentially fatal.

He overcorrected after swerving to miss an animal on a slick road. car repeatedly flipped. Could've been worse," tweeted Pelissero.

Most NFL supporters found the explanation to be reasonable and expressed their relief on social media on Tuesday that neither Garrett nor his passenger had sustained serious injuries.

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