NFL World wants to fire a notable head coach tonight

After losing to the Seahawks on Sunday afternoon by a score of 19-9, the Cardinals' season record dropped to 2-4.

The general public is getting quite tired with Kliff Kingsbury as head coach. The fourth season of the former head football coach at a college is underway.

Kingsbury most likely already is what he is at this time. Does that imply that the Cardinals ought to go forward?One fan said, "Leave Kliff in Seattle."

"Forget about DeAndre Hopkins; Keim and Kliff's departure will be the only time this franchise changes. The decay is severe, "a supporter conceded.

It's unlikely that a coaching change will occur during the current season, although it might in the future.

"I'll take Sean Payton. Kliff Kingsbury has served as the team's head coach for four years. They ought to be capable of more. Their offense cannot be driven by DeAndre Hopkins alone. 

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