'No quick remedies' are available in the Sunshine State

Still, maybe the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian will lead to a need for more careful preparation in the future.

Barbara With the help of drinks and a cool shower, Liz-Ortiz was able to bring her daughter's temperature down to a manageable level.

Medicine was the only item she was missing, but she was unable to leave the house to acquire any.

This past Thursday, Liz-Ortiz and her family, along with many of their neighbours in the Buena Ventura Lakes community in Kissimmee.

Florida, were stuck when water storage areas spilled.

As Ian slogged over the state on Wednesday and Thursday, it dumped as much as 17 inches of rain on some regions. 

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The mother of a 14-year-old kid who was tragically shot during a football scrimmage

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