Oddsmakers Prediction is Christian McCaffrey Trade to Bills

The Bills are currently ranked first in the Christian McCaffrey Sweepstakes despite the fact that bookmakers are aware of all the problems, which makes the theory debatable.

Regarding the prospect of dealing for Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, the Buffalo Bills are making the correct statements.

However, the bookmakers' predictions are different.The Carolina Panthers still have the greatest chances (+250) to keep McCaffrey, according to Bookies.com. What if a deal actually occurs?

Yes, the Bills are the favorites to land McCaffrey if he is dealt right now, with +300 odds.The Bills want you to understand that the trade rumors are just that—rumors.

They both have their place, yet, at the same time. Although we continue to wonder if, in the grand scheme of things, the Bills' investment in running back might already be sufficient.

or at least needs to be explored a little more before the NFL trade deadline on November 1... it is a logical thought from Bills watchers 

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