One of the year's most violent horror films terrorises the box office.

If movie office performance is any indication, Terrifier 2 may be as formidable as Jason, Michael, Freddie, and Leatherface. 

"The little murder clown that might" has made $10 million so far after another $1 million weekend.

The popularity of the grisly sequel is made even more amazing by Bloody Disgusting's SCREAMBOX streaming platform.

This weekend, Terrifier 2 made $1.22M in 1,245 theatres for $9.8M domestically.

The film has made $10 million overseas. All this from a $250K unedited ultra-gory slasher sequel.

With that type of gross, horror fans can almost certainly count on additional adventures involving Art the Clown, the franchise's killer clown nemesis.

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