Online stalker of a woman shoots her lover once in the head.

A young lady has recounted the horrifying moment when her now-fiance was shot between the eyes by a jealous stalker, who then smirked and left him to perish at their front door.

Krishan Ranui Dick-Kareti had been following Missy Parata, a New Zealander, for a year before showing up at her house and shooting her lover Hemi Tahur (right). 

When Krishan squeezed the trigger on Hemi while he was trying to close the door to protect his then-24-year-old girlfriend, Hemi was in the process of trying to defend her.

As she held her partner of ten years in her arms as he dropped to the ground, the youth worker claimed that she "wanted to die."

She spent the first several months by his hospital bed praying with him to survive. She has been posting on TikTok about how her now-fiancé is recovering

and claims he grows stronger every day. Missy, who is now 26 years old, said to News Corp that she met Krishan online and believed he was kind.

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