Owner of a LA nightclub discovered dead and beaten in the Dominican Republic

This week, a prominent nightclub owner and restaurateur from Los Angeles was discovered dead in the Dominican Republic after allegedly being suffocated, gagged, and assaulted.

On Wednesday night, Mario Oliver, 71, was found dead inside a villa in Las Terrenas, on the SamanĂ¡ Peninsula, according to a report from Dominican Today. 

Oliver, who had served as the manager of the well-known Vertigo nightclub in Los Angeles, is alleged to have experienced head trauma and physical compression of the neck.

This is according to the National Police and the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Oliver's business partner Jim Colachis informed The Daily Beast of his passing.He declared, "Vertigo and Mario will always have a special place in history and my heart."

According to local news sources, according to investigators, the house was broken into and a safe deposit box, along with many Rolex watches and other valuables, were taken. 

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