Pilot's heart-stopping effort to land on the "world's toughest runway"

An incredible video depicts a pilot making his way across a hilly valley and over the rooftops of houses in order to land at what is regarded as the most difficult runway in the whole world.

The Paro Airport in Bhutan is a tiny strip of ground that runs beneath the enormous Himalayan mountains, and only a small number of pilots are authorized to park their aircraft there.

Because of the harsh topography that surrounds it and the size of the runway, it is commonly regarded as the most difficult commercial runway in the world to land on.

When compared to the peaks that surround it, which rise about 5,500 meters above sea level, the airport's elevation of 2,224 meters looks low.

Pilots must navigate these stone towers while flying over the uneven ground below, rising and dipping as they follow the valley.

They barrel down the valley for more than two minutes, remaining barely a few hundred meters above the below-ground cities and villages.

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