Pomegranate is a weight-loss fruit.

Pomegranate can be part of a weight loss diet because it has fewer calories than other foods. 83 calories per 100g of pomegranate.

Compared to processed and packaged junk foods, this is low. Low-calorie foods are better for weight loss because we can control our calorie intake through the foods we eat

Pomegranate also contains 4g of fibre per 100g, which helps us feel full. Pomegranate is healthy.

Pomegranate's polyphenol, fibre, and water content aid weight loss. Experts say these nutrients 'burn fat' and regulate metabolism. 

Despite having a high water content and nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, pomegranate is not a'superfood

These nutrients hydrate the body, boost the immune system, and regulate digestion, but they don't burn fat.

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