Priceless: Black Lab Unwraps New Toy

Dismount New holiday: Halloween. Time for holiday happiness and gift-giving. Some people are partying early, even though the holiday is weeks away.

TikTok user @thelabraseal posted Denzel the Black Labrador's new toy. Denzel had to work to retrieve his owner's toy. The toy was gift-wrapped.

Aww! This is a charming film to transition from Halloween to Christmas. We'll start wrapping our dog's toys. 

LOL! The creator gave him a toy weekly. What commitment! Once a month or anytime she sees a decent toy. That's doable.

@amllxa wrote, "This tiny guy gives me serotonin." SAME! Who knew gift-giving could be so cute? We loved seeing him.

We adore how appreciative he is of his new toy, so we agree with @magsmoney: "He deserves every present." What a good boy!

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They are doomed due to a lack of ball output. R. J. Roquan Smith

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