Prohibition never banned whiskey

Whiskey, the fermented grain liquor used in old fashioneds, Manhattans, and mint juleps, had a Prohibition loophole.

During the coast-to-coast alcohol ban, woodsy, flowery, or smokey liquor could be sold lawfully. But how?

According to the Los Angeles Whiskey Society, whiskey was once considered medication and lawfully recommended by doctors

Bourbon Veach says only six whiskey distilleries in the country were approved to bottle and sell medicinal whiskey:

American Medicinal Spirits, Schenley Distilleries, James Thompson and Brother, Frankfort Distillery, Brown-Forman, and Ph. Stitzel Distillery. 

Patients got a pint every 10 days. Due to Prohibition, Walgreens increased from 20 to 500 outlets

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Framber Valdez of the Astros denies using any sticky substances to win Game 2.

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