Quick and Easy Marinades for Flavorful Chicken

To enhance the taste of food before cooking, we may marinate it in a liquid and seasonings. 

Marinating chicken in a combination of extra-virgin olive oil, fine wine, and unusual spices is a delicious idea. 

 Nonetheless, there is no end to the possible combinations of flavours; if you rotate through these 10 marinades, you won't grow tired of chicken.

Since it takes little time to make beyond just combining the ingredients, and since it has that traditional barbecue taste we all know and love.

This sweet and flavorful BBQ marinade deserves a regular position in your chicken supper rotation. 

To take advantage of this, we suggest making twice as much marinade as you need and freezing half of it along with the chicken for up to three months.

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In the 1990s, nobody could resist the decadent frozen treat known as Viennetta.

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