Reaction To Dale Earnhardt Jr. Decision News in NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will make two Xfinity Series appearances in the upcoming season, the NASCAR community learned on Tuesday in the late afternoon.

Matt Weaver of Racing America claims that Dale Jr. made the announcement this afternoon. He unveiled the vehicle he will be driving for one of the two yet-to-be-determined races.

"At a future NASCAR Xfinity event, Dale Jr. will reveal the Bass Pro wrap he will race in 2019. In addition, Dale will compete in another race for Hellmanns "said Weaver.

As soon as the news spread, there were numerous recommendations from fans for his next season's racing venues.One supporter prayed, "I WILL be there if he does the Bristol night race."

A second said, "Please be one of those two start becoming @AutoClubSpdwy for one last time before the reconfiguration, even though I know it probably won't happen."

"2 XFinity races, please! @DaleJr, come to Pocono Raceway! "another added.What two races ought Dale Jr. to enter?

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