Reaction to the funny unsportsmanlike penalty in college football

Football is a physically demanding, high-contact sport where tempers may easily flare and feelings can quickly fly. 

When a result, penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior occur rather regularly as players mock one another, excessively celebrate, or engage in physical contact after the whistle.

However, one BYU Cougars player was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct foul during Thursday night's game against the Utah State Aggies for a somewhat unusual reason.

BYU linebacker Max Tooley made a puzzling choice after helping on a tackle against Utah State quarterback Cooper Legas during the game.

Tooley picked up Legas' shoe from under him and threw it towards the group of players, presumably so that Legas would have to go back and get it.

Tooley probably thought no one would see him chuck his shoe, but he was caught by the officials. Tooley and the BYU Cougars were given a 15-yard penalty for their actions 

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