Reactions To Brett Favre, Abby Wambach News In The Sports World

Abby Wambach, a former American soccer player, is separating herself from Brett Favre, a former NFL quarterback.

Wambach has told many media sites that she is breaking up her relationship with Favre's business, which received millions of dollars in welfare monies in the state of Mississippi.

Wambach made an important choice, and it is probable that others will do the same.

According to TMZ, "Abby Wambach is cutting ties with a medication business supported by Brett Favre over its suspected participation in a welfare funding controversy."

A sports enthusiast wrote on Twitter, "Abby Wambach lost another significant backer in Brett Farve's Prevacus/Odyssey Health Inc. 

who, after finding the truth, cut all affiliations to the organization and all was deleted from its website."

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