Reactions To Jalen Hurts Transfer News In Football

Jalen Hurts needed to decide what to do after the 2018 college football season was over. When everything was over, he moved from Alabama to Oklahoma.

Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama, talked with Eagles analyst Fran Duffy about how Hurts decided to transfer to Oklahoma.

It turns out that Hurts' decision to play for the Sooners was influenced by Saban.

""I recall him approaching me and telling me that he could go to Miami because the quarterback coach here, Dan Enos, had gone there to serve as the offensive coordinator," said Saban. 

"Mike Locksley was hired as Maryland's head coach. "I could travel to Maryland or Oklahoma.""Jalen, where do they have the best players?" I questioned."

Considering that he felt more at ease going to places where he knew these guys. And he responded, "Well, I think Oklahoma has the best players."

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