Reactions To the Disturbing Clemson News in College Football

This Wednesday, disturbing information involving the Clemson football players Malcolm Greene and Fred Davis came to light.

Davis was detained in connection with an incident that happened in July 2021. He reportedly struck a mail truck while driving too fast.

Riley Morningstar of The Journal reports that a lawsuit submitted to a local court reveals Greene

 Greene and Davis are being charged with racing one another before the collision that "severely wounded" a U.S. Postal worker.

Just a terrible day all around," The Athletic's Grace Raynor remarked. "It was also discouraging to hear Dabo Swinney declare last season that Davis would only face internal punishment.

Last season, he missed four games, although only three were due to an ankle ailment.Jared Feinberg of Blue Chip Scouting tweeted, "Oh that's great."

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