Reactions to the embarrassing attendance video in the college football world

College football games draw the biggest audiences of any sport in America, and nearly every FBS stadium can hold the people of multiple small towns. 

Jim Nagy posted a video of the Cardinals entering the field for their pregame ceremonial during yesterday's Stanford vs. Arizona State game. 

"Please someone in Cali tell me what else people do on Saturdays in the fall besides football. 

Whatever it is, that is what the weekends are for during the winter, spring, and summer "Nagy cried out. The video of Nagy has received over 300,00 views.

The team's recent troubles as a football program may be the real culprit. In the last four years, they have only won 14 games, and they haven't participated in a bowl game since 2018.

In his first five seasons as head coach, David Shaw led the team to three Rose Bowl appearances and three Pac-12 championships.

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