Reactions To Women's College Soccer Fight News in the Sports World

According to The Comeback, on Sunday afternoon there was an on-field altercation between Ole Miss and LSU players that resulted in the ejection of three players.

The Comeback reports that "Toward the end of the second overtime period, Ole Miss' Ramsey Davis seemed to take offense with a steal attempt by LSU's Rammie Noel.

 As Noel tried to take the ball from her, Davis grabbed her by the waist, encouraging Noel to return with a punch.

One supporter penned, "Feisty weekend in college sports."One supporter cracked a joke, "OM probably felt Messi was the GOAT but LSU said Ronaldo was the GOAT lol."

Another follower said on social media, "Go to Hell Ole Miss."Another admirer questioned, "Good Lord, what the hell is going on here?"

The following game for each of the three players' teams will be missed.

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