Reports Concerning Draymond Green's Future with the Golden State Warriors

A key update on Draymond Green's future with the Warriors is provided by an ESPN insider.

A nasty scandal that threatened to split up the Golden State Warriors' star-studded core engulfed them just a few weeks ago. But you wouldn't notice if you saw them perform on opening night.

The Warriors appeared like a well-oiled machine yesterday, and many supporters believe they are ready to defend their crown and win another championship for the second consecutive year.

Even so, Tuesday's performance did not alter the fact that Draymond is now experiencing some strange circumstances.

He has a lot of work ahead of him to regain the trust of the locker room after hitting one of his own colleagues. 

And based on the most recent information provided by ESPN's Zach Lowe, he will have the entire season to atone for his error.

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