Response From NFL World To Terry Bradshaw Health News

Terry Bradshaw, a legend in the NFL, revealed earlier this fall that he had been given two cancer diagnoses in the previous year.

Bradshaw discussed his health journey in an interview with NBC. He explained why he held back his cancer diagnosis until after it had already been identified.

"I chose not to discuss it because I didn't want sympathy, "Informed Harry Smith, Bradshaw. 

"I refrained from discussing it because, according to many celebrities, of which I am sadly one, when they say anything like this, millions of people in America tend to think, 

 "Aw, look at him." God bless his soul. He is cancerous. Well, cancer took my husband's life. My children are. I was against that.

As a result of Bradshaw's health struggle becoming public, he is getting a lot of support online.

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