Rumors about Aaron Judge: Brian Cashman is aware of his $100 million error.

As usual, Cashman was direct in saying that Judge placed the biggest bet on himself.

Judge received a seven-year, $213.5 million offer from the Yankees. The 30-year-old declined it and chose to begin the season on a one-year contract.

 It might have been a disastrous error and a warning to future athletes to accept the money while they can had he struggled or suffered an injury.

Instead, Cashman made Judge's contract proposal public, which is certain to have irked the player. 

Given Judge's 62 home runs in the 2022 season, that public offer has come to seem undervalued in the months that have passed.

Cashman continued by saying that while it is obvious that he wants to keep Judge, it is not a given. The method he used to convey that was...less than ideal.

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