Russell Sherman Being called out on Thursday night has not pleased me.

Richard Sherman, a former All-Pro cornerback, was criticized by Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk during last night's Dolphins-Bengals game.

Sherman is a member of the Thursday Night Football studio staff for Amazon Prime Video. At halftime, he discussed Tua Tagovailoa's terrifying injury.

Richard Sherman, who is still playing, was one of the most outspoken opponents of Thursday Night Football, claiming that it was risky for players to play with so little rest in between games

Now that Tua has been hurt, "he cashes a paycheck on Thursday Night Football and overlooks the problem."

Sherman retaliated against Smith on Friday in the afternoon. He is obviously not pleased with the ProFootballTalk editor.

Sherman answered, "Clearly terrified to tag me. "You would be aware of my statements on TUA's injuries if you watched the broadcast.

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