After a difficult loss, Russell Wilson had a four-word message for "Broncos Country."

The perpetual optimism of Russell Wilson has already grown old to Broncos Nation.

K.J. Hamler was wide open on Denver's final overtime possession, but Wilson missed him. Hamler had a clear path to the goal line and the victory.

The seasoned quarterback put on yet another awful performance. He's been "washed," some claim. But the Broncos quarterback continues to believe.

"Broncos Country, let's ride," Wilson murmured as he walked away from the platform during the postgame press conference.

Yikes. The entire act that Russell Wilson plays is growing stale. When you aren't winning football games, it just doesn't work.

Wilson needs to reorient himself, though. He has completed just 59.4 percent of his passes this season for 1,254 yards, four touchdowns, and three interceptions.

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