Russell Wilson's Postgame Interview: How the NFL World Reacted

This morning in London, Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars, earning a much-needed victory.

Although it wasn't pretty, the 21-17 victory improved the Broncos' record to 3-5 and temporarily lessened the pressure on Wilson and head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

Wilson ran into ESPN's Laura Rutledge on the field following the victory. He addressed Broncos supporters with a well-known message at the end of the conversation.

Let's ride, Broncos country, my friend! Wilson remarked.Wilson is obviously making fun of himself for continuing to be awkward.

Seattle fans are "just smiling and so lucky he's not there," according to Mike Ybarra of Blizzard Entertainment.Twitter user: "So very so so incredibly so cringe."

Other comments included, "Broncos country is definitely about to throw you out of the car," and "His colleagues are just out of frame, shaking their heads and saying.

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