Sasha Obama leaves her time with her father Barack and goes to school.

After spending time with her father, former President Barack Obama, over the weekend, 

Sasha Obama came to class on Wednesday wearing a button-down white shirt and baggy pants. She transformed the grounds of her school into her own personal runway.

The 21-year-old UCLA student looked stylish in the flowy, collared shirt that was partially tucked into her pants. 

She accessorized with a vivid gold pendant necklace and wore the ensemble with a pair of fluffy, yellow shoes.

Sasha wore a lot of rings and bracelets, as well as a pair of spectacles, and carried her possessions in a tie-dyed blue and green tote bag.

In her effortlessly stylish outfit, the youngest daughter of the former president appeared solemn as she made her way to class.

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