Scientists have just discovered a large, extraordinarily intense explosion in space.

Additionally, on October 9, astronomers noted a very enormous explosion. Gamma-ray bursts are the most potent explosions now known to exist in the cosmos, 

and NASA's Swift Observatory has discovered one that was very potent. These space-traveling jets of energy must be produced by something incredibly powerful, 

and supernovae—the collapse and explosion of massive stars—are theorized by scientists to be the cause of these phenomena.

A star must be extremely massive—at least eight times the size of the sun—in order to go supernova. However, a star must be between 30

and 40 times as massive as the sun for a supernova to create the strongest sort of gamma-ray burst.

It is likely that we will only see anything of this magnitude once every ten years thanks to the rarity of this very powerful detection, which originated from such a potent star.

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