The Reaction Of The Sports World To Kyrie Irving's Comments Regarding Brittney Griner

Kyrie Irving gave the Barclays Center crowd a crucial message on Wednesday night before the Brooklyn Nets' regular season debut.

President Biden should bring WNBA star Brittney Griner back to the United States, according to Irving. Since February, she has been detained in Russia.

The big picture in the world is to free our sister, Brittney Griner, Irving said. "I appreciate us being able to share this floor together, all of us as brothers. 

We wouldn't be doing our jobs to the best of our abilities if we didn't stand up for what we believe in, so please, POTUS, do your job. Everyone else, do your job. Please bring our sister home.

Fans feel that Irving's message was a little hypocritical, despite the fact that it wasn't a bad one.Has nothing to do with the President of the United States.

When Americans are detained abroad, they are at the mercy of the nation hosting them. As a result, they are forced to barter, and these nations demand the entire world in return.

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