Auburn University's Top Gymnast broke both legs on the blind landing in the floor routine.

Gymnast Samantha Cerio represents Auburn University in Alabama. The senior student had a terrible injury in 2019 while participating in the NCAA regional gymnastics competition in Baton Rouge.

Samantha attempted to complete a handspring double front with a blind landing during her floor performance, but the Times-Picayune reported that she "reached for the ground a touch too early."

While the cameras were rolling, the athlete fell to the mat. The gory video shows Samantha shattering both of her legs and dislocating both of her knees.

Staff members and trainers sprinted over to the athlete as she screamed and clutched her legs in agony.

The crowd rose to its feet and gave her a hearty standing ovation as she was subsequently wheeled out on a stretcher.

Samantha was regarded as the "heart and soul" of the squad, according to the New York Post, and was honored as an SEC co-scholar athlete of the year.

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