Steph Curry Is Very Clear About His Feelings About Jordan Poole

A rumor that surfaced late on Wednesday night said that Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green and teammate Jordan Poole had gotten into a fight.

Jordan Poole's "behavior," according to Yahoo Sports source Chris Haynes, was the cause of the brawl.

According to Haynes on Wednesday, "Draymond Green was contrite following the confrontation with Jordan Poole,

but there was a buildup resulting from teammates observing a shift in Poole's demeanor throughout camp with the guard on the cusp of receiving a lucrative deal."

Warriors star Steph Curry made it plain on Thursday afternoon that the rumor was untrue. Curry told reporters today that "nothing deserved the scenario yesterday."

Curry noted that he despises inquiries about Poole's demeanor brought on the news of the altercation. It's unfair to JP, he declared.

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