Taco Bell rolls out new menu items The Enchirito will soon be joined

For a short time only, Taco Bell isn't finished expanding its menu.

The fast food business previously announced the nationwide reintroduction of the meaty Enchirito from now until the end of November.

 On Thursday, a limited-time item called 7-Layer Nacho Fries will be added to the menu for $3.99.

Beef, black beans, chopped tomatoes, warm nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, creamy chipotle sauce, and guacamole are added for a complete meal.

 Both a vegan version and the contents served in a tortilla format are available for an additional $3.49.

Although the Nacho Fries Box with a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, taco, and medium drink is just $5.49.

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