Taxpayers may be shielded from Biden's student debt "relief" under Obama's GM plan.

President Biden gave college students a substantial present paid for by the taxpayers last month when he announced his regressive and legally questionable student debt "forgiveness" plan. 

Along the way, Obama pushed students to take on more debt while offering a sizable bailout to universities that had raised their costs.

After all, every dollar borrowed by a student ends up in the coffers of the institution, funding excessive administration, campus luxuries,

and the time academics spend writing papers that are so poorly written that they are only read by a small percentage of readers. 

Therefore, Biden's $400 billion scheme amounts to a massive public bailout, dwarfing, for example, the contentious $30 billion federal rescue of General Motors in 2009.

President Obama made a promise when he moved to save General Motors and Chrysler from bankruptcy during the Great Recession

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