The 3 Zodiac Signs That On Friday, October 28, 2022, Will Have The Best Love Luck

GeminiMay 21 until June 20Astrology is about to reveal what is in store for your love horoscope this Friday. 

You feel better about your partner each time you discover something new about them, and the relationship benefits as a result.

Cancer(July 22 – June 21)You will have the possibility to view your companion differently during Moon square Neptune. You may already be of the opinion that you are an expert on this person.

Your restricted perspective, however, will be upended today when you witness your partner in action; this is a person who is well-aware of what they are doing and where they are heading.

Leo(23 July - 22 August)Though you might change today through someone else's shift, Leo, Neptune transits rarely end up transforming YOUR life.

This suggests that the individual you're talking to might be onto something...good.

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