The asteroid that NASA collided with now resembles a comet.

Streaming from the asteroid Dimorphos, a comet-like forked tail was seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

As a test run for saving Earth, NASA's DART spacecraft crashed with the asteroid in September.The twin tail is a sudden development, and it's unclear how it occurred.

Dimorphos the asteroid simply isn't the same now that NASA has crashed a spaceship onto it.

In fact, NASA found when the Hubble Space Telescope captured a fresh photograph of the far-off space rock, it now kind of resembles a comet.

NASA made a risky attempt to simulate deflecting an asteroid away from Earth with the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART). 

Although there aren't any dangerous asteroids predicted to strike Earth in the next century, the government wants to be ready in case it needs to divert Armageddon. 

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