The Cutest Newfoundland Puppy Who Thinks He's a Lap Dog

After a long day, everyone wants to cuddle with their favourite person. One dog did, but he's large.

@shaunaconno posted a video of her Newfoundland puppy imitating a lap dog.

In the video, a 9-month-old puppy crushes an innocent couch-surfer. Watch the video to watch a huge puppy relax on his owner.

This dog is enormous! We love it when big canines try to fit in little spaces. Hope he can breathe under all that fuzz!

"It's usually the large ones who believe they're small enough to snuggle LOL," wrote @sheilachafe. Adorable."

While this dog is too huge to be a lap dog, it would be nice to be buried in its fur. It'd be like a live weighted blanket!

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