The ex-girlfriend of Donald Trump finally speaks out about his racist remark

Donald Trump expresses his opinions without concern to how others may respond. He stated on CNN that "this political correctness is literally killing us as a country

Anything you say nowadays, they'll find a reason why it's not good." during his first presidential campaign.

Even while serving as Commander-in-Chief, his outspokenness included the use of racially offensive language. Most infamously, Trump referred to COVID-19 

as "the Chinese virus" and "kung fever," ignoring PBS and The New York Times' cautions that such terminology could incite animosity between Asian American populations.

Trump dated supermodel Kara Young, the child of a Black mother and a white father, after his divorce from Marla Maples. 

Young recently told Inside Edition, "I didn't believe I was going to like him, because he wasn't my type. The two were together for two years before ending their relationship peacefully.

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