The favorites to win the 2022 Super Bowl sign Odell Beckham Jr.

One of the most important free agents on the market is Odell Beckham Jr. He is a premier wide receiver,

and by joining the team that is expected to win the Super Bowl in 2022, their chances may improve even more.

Some teams are attempting to sign the top players still available with half the season already completed in order to strengthen their campaign. 

The 2022 Super Bowl favorites are going forward with the wide receiver's signing as Odell Beckham Jr. is getting close to making his injury recovery.

Odell Beckham Jr. has recently been contacted by some of the top teams in an effort to hire him as quickly as feasible.

Of course, the teams are aware of the fact that he is one of the top players still available. The 2022 Super Bowl favorites now appear to be leading the competition and are quite likely to sign OBJ.

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