The "fingerprint" was recorded in a beautiful photograph by the James Webb telescope.

The James Webb Space Telescope witnessed a "fingerprint" in space for the first time.The image's "fingerprint" is made up of 17 overlapping circles that radiate out from a central point.

Every eight years, two stars pass one another, and this causes the rings to develop.

A new, amazing sight has been discovered by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: a cosmic fingerprint spreading out from the point of contact between two far-off stars.

The Wolf-Rayet 140, a pair of enormous stars situated about 5,000 light-years from Earth, seemed to have concentric rings spreading out from a point of contact 

in a NASA photograph published on Tuesday. A Wolf-Rayet star that is 10 times as massive as the sun and a supergiant star that is 30 times as massive as the sun make up this duo.

The rings are created whenever the two stars approach one another in their orbit, which occurs once every eight years, according to NASA's explanation of the image. 

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