The Lakers, according to Shaquille O'Neal, are like gated community gangsters.

They urgently require some shooting, to start with. This week, Shaquille O'Neal discussed the need for shooters in Los Angeles on his podcast

and referred to the city's dearth of long-range snipers as "gated community gangsters."

Shaq remarked, "They are like the neighborhood where I reside; there are no shooters." "They resemble the gangsters in gated communities. They won't be carrying guns.

They don't have snooters. I could wander around in my underwear and leave my door open. They talk loudly until they are outside the gates, but once they are inside, there are no shooters."

The Lakers actually don't have anyone who can consistently produce at an NBA level outside of their big three. 

Lonnie Walker, Patrick Beverley, Austin Reaves, and Kendrick Nunn make up the majority of the supporting cast, but there isn't a lot of scoring from the outside, either.

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