The Mole Reboot on Netflix Will Have You Yelling at the TV

On Friday, the first five episodes of the new Mole will be released on Netflix. The remaining five episodes will then be released in chunks over the course of the next two weeks. 

As always, the objective of the game is straightforward: Players must cooperate to contribute funds to a common reward pool while separately attempting to identify which of them is the Mole

a producing plant whose main mission is to thwart their efforts. It's lot simpler to say than to do to figure out that last portion.

Before taking a quiz regarding who the Mole is, the participants each week must successfully complete trials that put their cunning, endurance, and problem-solving abilities to the test. 

The Mole can speak how many languages? How much hair do they have? Are they siblings?

In The Mole, surviving depends on being able to identify the individual accurately while also learning as much as you can about them. 

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