NASCAR World Reacts To News About The Most "Hated" Driver

Jenna Fryer, an Associated Press journalist, published the findings of a investigation on the proportion of Twitter tweets on NASCAR drivers

that were judged to be unfavorable on Wednesday. Anyone who has even remotely watched NASCAR over the previous two years can probably guess who the most despised driver was.

With a staggering 30.1 percent of all tweets assessed to have a negative attitude, 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace was identified as the most despised driver in NASCAR. 

However, several of the other drivers that made the list, such Cody Ware, Ty Dillon, and Justin Haley, were puzzling because none of them were especially unsavory or contentious.

Fans on Twitter have also made it obvious that they are aware of the explanation for why Bubba Wallace came in first place:

Whether you like Bubba Wallace or not, he proved in 2022 that he belongs on the NASCAR Cup circuit.

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