The Munsters by Rob Zombie Corrects A Serious Netflix Issue

Although reviews for Rob Zombie's The Munsters revival have been varied, a recurring theme that can be seen in many of the reviews shows that the film has solved a prevalent Netflix issue. 

The Munsters by Rob Zombie aims to modernize the beloved 1960s comedy for a contemporary audience. 

The Munsters were a family of vintage cinema ghouls that appeared in a campy, cartoonish television comedy in its first incarnation. 

Regrettably, the over-the-top excesses of Rob Zombie's interpretation have split critics. The movie adaptation of The Munsters altered various aspects of the television program, 

however this was not the most often stated issue. The Munsters revival by Rob Zombie was criticized for being too similar to the original television series 

 and for its broad, campy comedy, which felt stale in 2022, in the negative reviews of the adaption. 

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